Mollie Bartholomew

Mollie Bartholomew


Mollie Bartholomew

Specialties Include:

I grew up in the South eagerly soaking in all of the life stories friends and family would share. I came to realize not only did I love sitting with people wholeheartedly, but I also delighted in helping them see the beauty, influence, and resilience their personal stories displayed. Encouragement and the ability to see the best in people and circumstances came naturally and I found it to be helpful in my relationships with others.

My delight in connecting with and encouraging those around me led me right into this beautiful space. What an honor it is to be invited into your story! I have been told I provide a sincere, warm, and encouraging space, allowing people to feel right at home. I enjoy integrating multiple strategies and working collaboratively to uncover the strength you already have within to move you towards living your most healthy and authentic life.

I have experience and a passion for helping moms with post-partum depression and anxiety. Additionally, I have experience with those facing chronic illness diagnosis and navigation of a new normal. As a mom of three, I am drawn to helping children navigate the struggles they face and look forward to gaining deeper experience working with college age, young adult, and adolescent populations.

In my down time I love backpacking, hiking, running, skiing, paddle boarding and reading (when I am tired from all of that outdoor fun).

Currently completing my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy at Fuller Theological Seminary, I am joining the Journeys team as an intern therapist under the supervision of Vanessa Van Dyke, MA, LPC. I will refer clients to another therapist or appropriate resource if their needs in therapy are not a good match for my skills or experience.