Circle of Security Parenting

The Circle of Security® Parenting (COS-P) is based on over 50 years of attachment research on how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened.  COS-P is an 8-week parenting group that builds off the sessions prior with a focus on:  

  • Understanding the child’s emotional world by learning to read emotional cues and miscues
  • Understanding the important role parents hold in the lives of children and how parents are the greatest resource for children.
  • Supporting the child’s ability to successfully manage his/her emotions
  • Enhancing the development of the child’s self-esteem
  • Honoring the innate wisdom of the parent and their desire for the child to be secure

COS-P is a hybrid class with video presentations, handouts and verbal discussion amongst group participants.  To view a short video from Circle of Security International ®, please visit: or on YouTube, searching: Circle of Security Animation.

Often times, the video clips in the group’s training will show actual parents who have gone through Circle of Security Interventions ® with their young children.  The founders chose to use younger children because the principles of the Circle can be seen more clearly without obstructions of miscues (hiding needs).  The Circle is still applicable for parents at any point within their parenting life with their children who would like to increase their parenting tools/skillsets.  

Like learning anything new, it takes time, practice, and consistency before changes will be seen. Parenting is no different.  Children need safety/security, consistent, predictable, and access to emotionally available parents/caregivers, which at times can feel overwhelming. COS-P supports parents in knowing what “good enough” parenting is and that it is enough for their children – no need for perfect parenting.  

For more information on groups facilitated through Journeys Counseling Center, please contact Jessica Drachenberg a trained facilitator in Circle of Security ® Parenting Groups at


  • Group size: 8-12 participants.
  • Price: $40 minimum/per class, per person.
  • Half-off discounts for partners or people from the same household.
  • For foster/adoptive parents, check with your licensing worker if they accept this as an approved parenting class with certificate of completion of 8 classes attended..
  • After registering for the group below, the group facilitator will contact you to schedule a 10-20 min phone intake interview & answer any questions you may have.

Future groups are TBD.
Please contact
Jessica Drachenberg at for more information or to request an upcoming group.

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