COVID-19 Protocol

Updated May 14, 2020

Journeys prefers that you wear a mask in the waiting room.

Current Journeys COVID-19 Protocol:

1.  We will continue to offer telehealth (phone or video) sessions as needed.  These are a great alternative to accommodate potential illness, family quarantine, or other social distancing restrictions.

2.  We have taken a few chairs out of our waiting room to encourage social distancing.  Hand sanitizer is available in the bathrooms and in the waiting room. 

3.  We will be staggering our office days and sessions to reduce traffic in the office.   

4.  We will leave the waiting room doors open to reduce the number of contact areas in the office.  

5.  You are more than welcome to wait in your car if the waiting room is full. Please communicate with your therapist if you would like to be notified when your therapist is ready to see you.

6.  Cleaning of common areas will continue several times daily, and every effort will be made to keep offices sanitized between clients.  

7.  If you are feeling ill, running a fever, are coughing/sneezing, or have been tested for COVID and are awaiting results, please stay home and either cancel your appointment or schedule a telehealth session.  We appreciate you respecting our team and other clients by adhering to this policy.  

8.  If therapists are feeling ill, running a fever, or are coughing/sneezing, we will be staying home and may cancel your appointment or ask if you would like to change to telehealth.   

9.  Our therapists will generally not be wearing masks in session since facial expressions are often key to therapeutic conversations.  However, clients are welcome to wear masks as needed or desired for comfort level.  For larger family sessions, it may be appropriate for everyone in the room to wear masks.  Please consult your therapist for this protocol as needed.

10.  Every effort will be made to minimize the risk of virus spread at our office; however, if you have any concern about your health or safety, please consult with your therapist about telehealth.  Through the challenges of pandemic, all the therapists at Journeys have become adept at utilizing telehealth and have found very similar benefit between telehealth and in person sessions.  

Thank you so much for helping us maintain the health and safety of our office!

The Journeys Team