Teens with Type 1 Diabetes Support Group


Journeys Counseling Center is proud to be hosting:

 Journeys Counseling Center partners with Cardon Children's Medical Center/Banner Children's Diabetes Program in Mesa to provide counseling services for children, adolescents, and families adjusting to a T1D diagnosis.  Groups available upon request.  Individual and/or family therapy available with Vanessa Van Dyke.






What to expect with a therapeutic support group...


• Connection with others who share your unique experiences with T1D

• Valuable information to help you stay healthy physically and emotionally

• Support from a wide variety of peers

• Enhanced coping strategies

• A helpful community of peers and parents

• A stronger sense of positive identity

• Hope for the future

How does art help?


Teens and adults alike often wrestle with issues that aren't always easy to articulate or express. Using art in therapy empowers individuals to communicate in a language that is universally understood. Creative expression incorporates the whole brain and stimulates multiple senses, promoting well-being in the body and emotions . The process alone is relaxing, meditative and helpful in sorting through pressing issues.


Here is a short list of the many benefits of using art in therapy:


• Establishes safety


• Relaxes the body


• Helps to regulate emotions


• Enhances the brain's integrative functions


• Strengthens problem-solving capabilities


• Promotes genuine expression, creativity and identity


• Releases toxic emotions and messages held in the body


If you are a new client to Journeys, please request and complete a registration packet. You can print out the packet and bring it with you to the first group, or email it directly to contact.journeys@gmail.com.


There is a flat fee of $50 per group session. Payment is due at time of service. You can purchase all 3 group sessions ahead of time for a $135.


Frequently Asked Questions


"How do I register my teen for the group?"


To register for the groups, please email here . All consents must be signed prior to attending group and payment is collected before each group series.


"How do I pay for each session?"


We accept cash, credit card or check. You can pay weekly or purchase all group sessions for a reduced cost per session. We collect all payments prior to services. For more information about payment, please visit our FAQ page.


"Are parents allowed to join the group to observe?"


To uphold confidentiality, parents will not be joining the group sessions. Opportunities for parent involvement will be offered throughout the year through special group visits, building block courses and other session options. General topics and information reviewed in group will be available to parents upon request.


"We're excited for the group, but what if my teen needs additional support outside the group?"


The group will be addressing a wide variety of issues. Due to the group size and duration, not all of these issues will be explored to the depth that your teen might currently need. If you have concerns about a particular issue you or your child is facing, please contact Vanessa Van Dyke directly to set up a private session. Some individuals may benefit greatly from periodic, personal support from the therapist. These sessions are encouraged as needed to help each teen get the most out of the group process.


"Are these groups covered by insurance?"


Journeys Counseling Center is a fee-for-service practice where payment is due in full at the time of your session. We do not accept insurance directly as we are considered "Out-Of-Network". To learn more about the benefits of fee-for-service practices and how you can get reimbursed through your out-of-network benefits, please review our FAQ page or our Insurance Help page.





We often form groups based on interest, so if there is a topic or group you are interested in that is not currently listed, please contact us and let us know. We strive to offer services that are in high-demand and relevant to our clients.


Need help? Contact our administrative assistant here with any questions, concerns or to be matched with a group that is best suited for your needs.



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